“It is not because things are difficult that we fail to attempt them, but because we fail to attempt them that they are perceived difficult.”

In line this motto, Lichtwerk has set itself the task of realising the vision of creating an agency that takes into account issues above and beyond the mere technicalities. We know that it is about more than just pure technical adaptation. It’s about communicating the originality and creativity of a company and designing the event as a one-off, unique and unforgettable experience.

We combine event technology with creative requirements. Our long-term experience in planning and implementation is poured out during the conception phase. Applying our technical expertise, we then check every idea in terms of feasibility. Our project managers speak the same language as our customers and know how to translate their ideas into the technical language of our specialists. We know what things require attention, and think of so many things that wouldn’t even enter your mind.

Our technical equipment meets the highest of quality standards. This is how we guarantee safety during the event and the reliability of equipment – two basic prerequisites to a successful event.