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Full-Service for our Customers

Nowadays to implement an event one specialist alone is insufficient. Anyone organising an event at the highest technical level requires a well-rehearsed team of specialists &‐ a production company such as LichtWerk.

LichtWerk GmbH is counted among the pioneers of Full-Service provision and is currently one of the few experienced service providers in Germany that can provide all the services of a competent production company, and is equipped with their own complete range of state-of-the-art equipment for large events.


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We have experts from the fields of light, sound, video, special effects and stage construction. They work closely together from the planning phase through to the event itself and transform the visionary ideas for an event into creative technical solutions. Our long-term experience and the high quality of our services and productions have made us a sought-after, competent partner.

In addition to this, Lichtwerk has been successfully collaborating with handpicked, expert partners for many years. This is another way in which we enable the straightforward management of your demanding events from under one roof.