Audio and Sound

Sound engineering is more than just making something loud. We apply our knowledge and our experience as sound engineers to every conceivable situation. We find the appropriate sound for every setting. Optimal speech intelligibility and transparency as well as the perfectly designed PA to suit the conditions and requirements are placed at the forefront during planning and implementation.  Working with you, we develop the perfect solution, without compromise, allowing the focus to be placed on the programme and the artists.

As well as the careful selection of the individual components, we have always made sure that our equipment is perfectly compatible, thus guaranteeing reliability and efficiency.

Live music represents a quite unique challenge. Good sound begins on the stage, as good monitoring is one of the prerequisites to a good performance by the artist. If, in addition, a capable FOH operator is doing his job at the sound desk perfectly, then the performance will also sound good to the audience. Of course, our team also includes experts in good sound, who are up to such tasks. Lichtwerk has already repeatedly worked successfully with many well-known artists and musicians.