Laser Dance

Over the years we have considerably expanded the scope of the use of the laser, thus discovering fascinating new possibilities for this particular form of light. Particularly worth mentioning is the combination of dance and lasers – a ballet between light and human being. The dances move within the spaces that are created by the light of the laser. Laser dance, the choreography of human being and laser. A ballet of light and movement. We often combine sections with pure dance, a laser performance and a laser room show to form a longer part of the show.

Dancers interact with the laser. The light creates spaces, limits them, suggests movements, and emphasizes them. The dancers move within this, interact with the room effects or seemingly bring to light the laser graphics. A pas-de-deux of dance and laser light is created. A breath-taking performance. It is difficult to find the words to describe the impression that is created – the images speak for themselves.

As a special highlight our laser dancers take to the stage with Funk-DMX-controlled hand lasers. Laser beams from their hands of costumes provide for unique effects. Lichtwerk is a pioneer in the development of this unique technology and is continually developing it further.  It goes without saying that we offer the required choreography upon request, as well as any additional trained dancers that are required.