Laser Protection

A few words regarding safety:

Laser beams may well be fascinating, but working with them is also dangerous. Even low-power lasers are sufficient to cause lasting damage to the retina if used incorrectly. For this reason we place great value on the specialist training of our employees (as laser protection officers), in order that they can work with the medium in the proper fashion.

In order to operate a show laser system, alongside certification of expert knowledge and the presence of a laser protection officer, technical inspection by an expert is mandatory. We would be happy to communicate with you on this matter and to organise the technical testing of the system at the event venue. Provided all precautions are taken, nothing should stand in the way of your risk-free enjoyment of a laser show.

LichtWerk® is known within the industry for working responsibly and with the highest safety criteria. Since 1996 we have been instructors at laser protection seminars for the VPLT, DTHG and the German Events Academy (Deutsche Event Akademie) and train up laser protection officers.


More links on the optic of laser protection can be found here: 

BGV B2, BGI 832 and DIN EN 60 825, as well as DIN 56 912