Show Lasers

A laser generates a sharp, concentrated beam of light. By means of computer control, this can be precisely deflected and projected. Not perceivable to the human eye, it can be directed within a split-second to various points on a pre-programmed figure. This gives the impression of a living light. In this way, figures in every conceivable variation can not only be generated on one plane, but room effects can also be produced, which astound our visual senses in the most extraordinary way.

There is very little that ever fascinates spectators as much as an indoor laser display. The light of a laser beam breaking through the smoke seems as if you could almost reach out and grab it, but it cannot be grasped. Laser light, for many the “king of light”, is always one of the most beautiful and fascinating effects that can be produced with light.

The laser show can represent an independent part of the show in its own right or can be integrated throughout the entire programme. As well as the indoor laser display, graphic projections onto screens, gauze and even water can also be used.