Architectural Lighting

Creating new impressions using light, transforming the familiar to the extraordinary this is the objective of architectural lighting. Facade lighting can be achieved using a variety of methods. We will let the pictures speak for themselves.

In this way, a building bathed in unusual lighting can be transformed into a work of art, completely re-designed or alienated or deliver messages and draw attention to something. Light can be used as an effective way to emphasize particular aspects of the architecture or to create a new “perspective”.

Only the correct lighting allows a building to appear in the right costume and emphasizes this in a unique way. LichtWerk has extensive experience in architectural lighting and, for example, realised the inauguration of the Federal Chancellery in 2001. Alongside the spectacular illumination of the Federal Chancellery, a complete open-air stage was set through the use of technical lighting for performances from well-known German artists such as Udo Lindenberg, ‘die Prinzen’ and ‘No Angels’.