Effect Lighting

Quite special impressions can be made with so-called effect lighting. The lamps, some of which have been developed specifically for this purpose, produce lighting effects that cannot be achieved using any other equipment.

With diverse functions such as colour changing, position changing and the projection of (rotatable) ‘Gobos’ (product images) these multi-functional lights offer unparalleled possibilities in light design. The applications of these spotlights range from classical (yet variable) stage and decorative lighting to moving show lighting for TV stage performances. Achieving modern stage show standards without the use of moving lights is almost inconceivable.

However, the use of these lights also requires skill in order to avoid inflationary effects and so not to overpower or distract from the events actually taking place on stage. The use of effect lighting and moving lights should, as with any use of technology, should not become an end in itself. It’s a matter of providing measured, scene-appropriate, yet by all means effective light support. No more, but no less.