Only those who are capable of learning from the experiences of the past and at the same time creating brand new technological opportunities can provide services that bring ideas to fruition.

At LichtWerk technicians and designers do not get to know each other for the first time on the first day of construction, but rather coordinate their ideas right from the outset. Therefore, our integrated technical concepts guarantee a smooth execution and prevent unpleasant surprises. In this respect good planning is the most important prerequisite to the success of the event.

LichtWerk, as a production company, thinks in an interdisciplinary manner. Due to the long-term experience in all areas of event planning, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge regarding successful event management across all fields. This expertise overflows into the implementation of an event right from the early planning stages. We place the highest value on careful, detailed planning and preparation. This provides you with security and prevents stress from building in the first place.  Our highly professional CAD planning ensures the highest level of transparency and flexibility. Furthermore, reliability and sticking to the budget always form the cornerstones of our trade. Ultimately we consider it our task to make your job easier.