A rig is the term used in events technology to refer to the suspension of loads, known during the construction process as so-called rigging. This includes the use of, among other elements, cross beams (specialist jargon: Truss’), in order to suspend loud speakers, spotlights and video technology.

Trussing is the English expression for the supporting elements, e.g. of a stage. Generally speaking this is an aluminium pole construction, which is assembled and screwed tight like scaffolding. In order to bring a spotlight to the optimal position, a “suspension point” at a specific angle to the stage is required. So too must loud speakers often be positioned overhead, to enable uniform sound engineering.

Because in most cases suspension in these positions is not possible, for example in a theatre (fly space), a truss structure must be set up (ground support) or raised by motors (attached to the ceiling structure), onto which the required technology can be mounted. Here it is crucially important that the permitted bearing loads and the structural stability of a construction are taken into consideration. With Lichtwerk you will always receive safe and reliable truss construction, which is adjusted so as visually appropriate for the location. For example, we also have black truss systems, which also meet challenging design requirements. And of course all our hoisting equipment is subject to regular testing and maintenance.