Smoke & Fog

Only with smoke or fog in the air does a beam of light become visible, spaces are produced, and colours and forms truly come into their own. However, fog can also be used as an effect. Fog can be used to draw one’s eye to a particular feature that the spectator would not immediately notice. Alternatively it can be emphasized, for example, to provide spectacular support when an artist is taking to the stage. And smoke forms the basis for optimal stage lighting and makes it possible for lighting effects to be seen.

As a long-term marketing partner of well-known German smoke machine manufacturers, and of course as a result of our high level of expertise in the field of lasers, we have extensive knowledge in this area. It goes without saying that all our products are tested in accordance with the EC (200 1/58/EG) and the DAB specifications (Deutsches Apotheker Buch), meaning they are completely harmless to human beings and the environment.