LichtWerk use the most modern event technology. Constant updating and the maintenance of “old” equipment ensure its fault-free function during events. Even the annual electrical inspection of our equipment in accordance with BGV A3 and DIN EN 61010 is considered standard practice.

The latest generation of (LED) spotlights and moving lights for various applications, architectural lighting systems, line-arrays and small-scale sound engineering, radio mics and walkie-talkies, height-adjustable speaker’s podiums and portable projection screens, small hand lasers for dancers and open-air laser systems, cross beams and accessories from tripods to chain hoists – we have everything in stock and all in the most recent version.

Should the use of materials that are included within our own pool of devices be required, we can call upon the services of our long-term, reliable partners, who can guarantee you the same high standards as we do. And you still only have to deal with one contact partner.