Imagination and fantasy are the foundation of an idea or a mental image. But what if the ideas don’t work out as intended? In order to avoid surprises, it is important to visualise ideas and map out designs in image form right from the concept phase. Designs and plans form a point of reference for new ideas and further concept steps.

If new ideas are to be implemented for the first time, with no previous examples to follow, virtual demonstrations must be created. And last but not least, with a visualisation, the question that is often asked by clients: “What am I getting for my money?” can be answered.

3D renderings in the form of a visualisation show from as early as the planning phase, what can be expected later. And through sophisticated CGI processing (computer generated imaging) designs that are almost as realistic as photographs assist in the demonstration of ideas in presentations. Adopting the slogan, “what you see is what you get” helps show the client in advance how a design plan would look when realised and thus plainly demonstrates the planned project.

Portfolio of Services:

·               CAD renderings for visualisation

·               CGI visualisations of stage setting and room concepts

·               Visualisations of concepts and staging